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Information provided pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 70 of 9.04.2003
Mandatory information pursuant to points a), b), c), d) of Italian Legislative Decree 70/2003

This statement is provided pursuant to Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 – Data Protection Code – to persons interacting with the web services of Pagani Geotechnical Equipment, available at the following Internet address: This statement applies only to this website and not to other sites which may be reachable via links.

The policy complies with Recommendation no. 2/2001 which the European data protection authorities, on the occasion of the meeting of the Institutional Group in accordance with article 29 of Directive no. 95/46/EC, adopted on 17 May 2001 to identify certain minimum requirements for the online collection of personal data, specifically the methods, times and nature of the information which the data controllers must specify to users when they access web pages, regardless of the purposes of such access.


Pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003, we hereby inform you that the Data Controller with regard to the processing of personal information is Pagani Geotechnical Equipment, owner f the Internet domain and the company Pagani Geotechnical Equipment.


The data processing associated with the web services of this site is performed by the webmaster responsible for data processing, or by authorised personnel who may be assigned to occasional maintenance operations. No data acquired via the web service are communicated or disseminated. Personal data provided by users are used only to manage access to the requested service.


– Navigation Data

The IT systems and software processes responsible for the operation of this website acquire certain personal data during the course of their normal operations, the transmission of which is an integral and essential part of the Internet communication protocols.

This is information which is not gathered in order to be associated with identified parties, but due to its nature could, through processing and association with data held by third parties, permit identification of the users.

This category of data includes the IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by visitors to the site, addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used to issue the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server (success, failure etc.) and other parameters concerning the user’s operating system and IT environment.

These data are used only to obtain anonymous statistical information on use of the site and to check it is operating correctly. These data could hypothetically be used to determine responsibility in the event of attacks or other criminal acts carried out on the site.

– Data supplied voluntarily by the user

The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of email to the addresses listed on this site will result in acquisition of the sender’s email address, which is essential for responding to the requests, as well as any other personal data included in the message.


Legal Notes


The content of this site is protected by Italian Law 633/41 (Italian copyright legislation).
The authors assert their copyright of the text published herein pursuant to Italian copyright legislation.
Reproduction of any such material is thereby prohibited without explicit written consent from the author, and in any event, the management of this website.

All rights reserved, also with reference to processing and publication methods of all text. The rights provided for by article 102 of the above-mentioned copyright legislation are reserved. The extraction and reuse of content from this website, in whole or in part, and in any form or medium, is prohibited.

Links to this Website

Links from other websites to individual sections of text are permissible, providing that a citation of the source is given. Links from sites whose context is inappropriate or bears no connection to this website are prohibited.

Advertising Contents

Pagani Geotechnical Equipment is not responsible for the contents of any ads served via its website, and provides no warranty with regard to the information obtained using its search services.
In the same manner, Pagani Geotechnical Equipment shall bear no liability for any harm caused by browsing sites reached via ads or links on its website, as these sites are not monitored and are subject to change.
In any event, and pursuant to Article 17 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 70 of 9 April 2003, the company operating the website is required:

a) To inform the judicial authorities or oversight body without delay if they should become aware or presumed illegal activity or illicit information pertaining to a recipient of the service provided by the information society

b) To provide without delay, on the request of the competent authorities, information in their possession which would allow the identification of users of their services with whom they have data storage agreements in order to identify and prevent illegal activity.