PAGANI PENETROMETERS are built to allow various penetrometric tests and surveys to be performed with a single device while carrying out soil investigations.


Geotechnical Investigation of the ground for foundation problems, the stability of slopes, support works etc. has an increasingly large number of applications.

Knowledge of the physical and mechanical characteristics of the ground is necessary to optimise the scale of works in technical and economic terms and to meet legal requirements.

Among the various terrain investigation methods, penetrometric surveys allow important information to be obtained while limiting costs and timeframes. The most common penetrometric tests are:

Static penetrometric tests (CPT/CPTU)
Continuous dynamic penetrometric tests (DP)


The choice between one or the other of these tests is made in relation to the nature and characteristics of the ground in question, as well as the type of work to be carried out.

It follows that whenever a geotechnical survey is planned, the problem arises of having to choose which penetrometer to use, with the risk of not reaching the required depth of obtaining data which are difficult to use.

Ignoring SPT testing, which requires the use of surveying equipment, the idea of being able to perform either type of penetrometric testing with a single piece of equipment allows the problem of the ground type to be overcome; the models offered by Pagani are modular, integrated, highly versatile and easy to transport.


The solutions we have developed allow a single operator to perform penetrometric testing in the most difficult locations and conditions and yet be sure of attaining the required results with reduced costs and timeframes. Pagani penetrometers are mounted to hydraulic tracked carriages which offer excellent manoeuvrability, even on uneven terrain. The driving assembly is reclined during transport and localised movement, allowing the equipment to pass through limited height access.
Our penetrometers can also operate on extremely steep slopes as the typical levelling obtained via three hydraulic stabilisers can be increased by the possibility to tilt the driving insertion assembly, making it perfectly vertical regardless of whether the vehicle it is installed on is horizontal.

Pagani penetrometers also feature an innovative semi-automatic anchoring system which facilitates their stabilisation