Pagani Geotechnical Equipment

We produce machines and accessories for Geotechnics, Geophysics and Environmental Research, thus managing to meet all the needs of On-Site Geotechnical Investigation.

In addition to designing and building penetrometers for over 40 years, we excel in the technological research of our sector thanks also to the constant collaboration with universities and research centers.

Both nationally and internationally, we study and manufacture our penetrometers in order to meet the most complex needs and guarantee ever better quality of the final product.

Our plant

We develop our business in a covered area of about 5000 square meters in an industrial area west of Piacenza.

Our goals

  • 1978: Pagani Geotechnical Equipment starts its own business
  • 1979: The first prototype of automatic dynamic penetrometer was designed and built in accordance with International Standard
  • 1980-1981: New combined “Dynamic DP” and “Static CPT” penetrometer
  • 1982: “TG 73-200 6×6” self-propelled penetrometer with telescopic anchorage
  • 1990: CPTU piezocone with cable
  • 1991: “TG 63-100” self-propelled static-dynamic penetrometer
  • 1996: New CPTu digital piezocone with cable
  • 1999: “TG 63-150” self-propelled static-dynamic penetrometer
  • 2000: S-CPTU (digital seismic piezocone)
  • 2001: TG 73-200 self-propelled crawler penetrometer and P250 core drilling probe.
  • 2002: ESM 12-35 probe for environmental sampling.
  • 2003: ESM 12-180 probe for environmental sampling.
  • 2007: probe for environmental sampling with laser system.
  • 2008: self-propelled crawler penetrometers ballasted from 10 to 25 tons
  • 2009: Research and design of data acquisition system with monitor
  • 2010: CPTu system “TGAS-07” with touchscreen monitor, GPS and GPRS
  • 2011: mini penetrometer with mini calibration chamber for in situ evaluation of the degree of compaction of the banks.
    2012: new piezocone with lateral friction sleeve with equal areas.
    2013: Pagani Geotechnical Equipment has opened a new branch in Canada.
  • 2014: New data logger TGAS-08 for CPTu and seismic CPTu test
  • 1978 – 2018: 40° Anniversary!