Versión CPTu, S-CPTu


Technical data


CPT-AS is a new acquisition system capable of acquiring CPTu, via easy and fast steps.

Sturdy and practical, CPT-AS does not require the aid of a portable PC or bulky cabling and/or adaptors, it can be easily installed on the machine on site and transported in a handy case.

The intuitive touch-screen monitor can be read even in direct sunlight as well as in the rain or at extreme teperatures.

The collected data can be downloaded via a simple USB key.


Technical specifications

Supply voltage

9V DC – 18V DC

Tipical (maximum) current draw

1 A (1,5 A)

Operating temperature

-20 ÷ +70 °C




 220 mm


190 mm


60 mm


 External connections

Power supply

12V DC

Encoder input

Line-driver Encoder

USB ports

1 USB-A and 1 USB-B

Piezocone input

RS485 serial port


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