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Version CPTu, S-CPTu

Industrial PC for CPTu + S-CPTu test

In order to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for a tough yet easy to use system, Pagani Geotechnical Equipment has created a new acquisition system for CPTu + S-CPTu tests which allows you to work in the field in any weather conditions.




The TGAS08 digital acquisition system allows operators to perform CPTu + S-CPTu tests via simple and fast procedures, without the assistance of a PC in the field. The system is resistant to rain, high and low temperatures, and the screen offers excellent visibility even in direct sunlight.

The TGAS08 is also equipped with a GPS location module and a GPRS module for sending tests directly to your PC in the office via simple emails. If there is no GSM network coverage, it will still be possible to download the data using a standard USB stick.

  • can also be used with less recent Pagani penetrometers (minimum of TG 63-150 kN recommended)
  • allows you to run CPTu, dissipation and SCPTu tests simultaneously
  • data acquisition without assistance of a personal computer
  • operates in adverse weather conditions
  • touchscreen offers good visibility even in direct sunlight
  • data transmission via GPRS
  • GPS coordinates acquisition

Technical specifications 

Supply voltage

9V DC – 18V DC

Typical (maximum) current draw

1 A (1,5 A)

Operating temperature

-20 ÷ +70 °C

GPS Precision

< 2,5m

External connections 

Power supply

12V DC

Encoder input

Encoder line-driver

Trigger input

Shock sensor

USB ports

1 USB-A and 1 USB-B

Ingresso piezocono

RS485 serial

GPRS / GPS connector

Standard GPRS / GPS antenna

SIM card slot

Standard GSM SIM card

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