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DPM 30

Dynamic penetrometric tests in a portable device that can be used on sites inaccessible to normal machines

From 5.168,00 €

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Power supply suited to any situation

Penetrometer DPM 30 allows continuous dynamic penetrometric tests to be performed, with petrol

or electric engine.


DPM 30 can be used not only for dynamic tests, but also with removable bits, lining tubes for DP tests and with a sampler for soil samples with limited disturbance, that guarantees improved ability to interpret the penetrometric data.


The dynamic test is performed

through a hammer system made up of

a 30 kg (66 pound) hammer with a 200 mm

(7.87 inch) stroke, operated by hydraulic motor.

A hydraulic extractor is used to extract rods, lining tubes and samplers. Lastly, the penetrometer is controlled entirely through a pedal-operated distributor.

and convenience

Assembly of the different penetrometer components

is done through practical and intuitive quick couplings.

Thanks to its extremely small size, it is easy to transport, allowing

to execute tests even on sites inaccessible to normal machines.

In addition, the reliability of this type of penetrometer is proven by the hundreds of operational units present in Italy and worldwide.

Power supply suited to any situation

Penetrometer DPM 30 allows dynamic penetrometric tests to be performed on a portable device that can be used on sites otherwise inaccessible with normal machines.

Engine options:

- 3,5 Hp petrol

- 230 V electric

- 115 V electric


Petrol engine


3,5 Hp - 2,61 kW


Electric engine

230 V AC 50 Hz

1800 Watt

2,5 Hp - 1,80 kW


Electric engine

115 V AC 60 Hz

1700 Watt
2,3 Hp - 1,70 kW

From 5.168,00€

From 5.168,00€

From 5.575,00€

Technical information

Informazioni tecnche

Weight of hammer: 30 kg

Drop height: 200 mm

Rods in special steel: Ø 20 mm, L 1000 mm, weight 2.4 Kg

Cone specifications: Ø 35.6 mm, B 60°, A 10 cm²

Our machines are CE certified and compliant.

As shown by the certifications we have attained, the specifications of our machines have undergone verifications and have been found to comply with CE and USA CFR (Title 29 §1910 Subpart O) directives in order to guarantee users safe, cutting-edge products.

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