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TG 73-200

An indestructible machine for

your static and dynamic

penetrometric tests 

Static from 115.000,00

Static/Dynamic from 127.500,00

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High quality

Fitted on a hydraulic-tracked carriage, which allows

you to move even on the most marshy terrain.

It can even be positioned on very steep slopes;

thanks to the three stabilisers and the possibility of tilting the mast,

a perfect verticality is guaranteed to allow rod insertion.

High energy efficiency

Around 78% of the energy is

transmitted to the rods.

Can be used
by a single operator

High quality and high performance

in a penetrometer that can be

used even by a single operator.

Drastically reduced test times, thanks to the automatic anchoring system and the possibility of driving the rods and their liner tubes into the ground at the same time.


Static tests can be carried out with Begemann bit (CPT),

or with piezocone (CPTu) which can be

implemented with the seismic module (S-CPTu).

The hammer system for dynamic tests can be:

Super Heavy (DPSH), Heavy (DPH) or Medium (DPM).

The rotation head allows overcoming even the hardest terrains.

Different types of samplers are also available to allow

laboratory analysis of disturbed samples.

Anchoring system
automatic and telescopic 

The automatic and telescopic anchoring system

installed on the mast - necessary to obtain

sufficient reaction during static tests - allows

the operator to fix the machine in a few

intuitive and simple steps, also reducing

insertion stress on the frame.


CPT configuration

(static test)

CPT+DP configuration

(static/dynamic test)


Configurations suited
to any situation

Static penetrometric tests can be carried out with a Begemann bit (CPT), or with a piezocone (CPTu) - which allows a more reliable stratigraphic interpretation - and can be implemented with the seismic module (S-CPTu) to determine the profile of the speed of the shear waves (Vs).

As regards the dynamic tests, depending on the most commonly

tested soil types, the penetrometer can be equipped with different

hammer systems: Super Heavy (DPSH), Heavy (DPH) or Medium (DPM).

By choosing the static/dynamic configuration, you can obtain information along verticals consisting of soil with different mechanical characteristics (from very soft to very hard and compact).

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