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Geotechnical Manual
Use of cone penetration tests for soil profiling and design
of shallow and deep foundations

Among the vast number of in situ devices, the static cone penetrometer (CPTm, CPTe) and the piezocone (CPTu and SCPTu) represent the most versatile tools currently available for soil exploration. CPTm, CPTe, CPTu and SCPTu have major advantages over traditional methods of field site investigation, such as drilling and sampling, because they are fast, repeatable and economical.

This report reviews the static cone penetration testing current practices. In particular, it provides a background on cone penetrometer equipment (chapter 2), field testing procedures (chapter 3), application (chapter 4) and interpretation (chapter 5) of CPT and CPTu (soil stratigraphy and soil parameter evaluation) and on the direct use of CPT for the design of shallow and deep foundations.

Information was gathered by a literature review of international experience (books by Lunne et al,

1997 and by Mayne, 2007; international publications) and by research experiences

of the University of Pisa and University of Pavia.

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