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Since 1978, we have been designing and manufacturing machines and accessories for the geotechnical, geophysical and environmental research sectors, with a production that meets all on-site geotechnical survey needs.

Our customers include large engineering and design firms, research laboratories and freelancers. 

The Pagani Geotechnical Equipment brand is registered in 17 Countries and has more than 2.000 customers in over 101 countries. Business is carried out in a production area of about 5,000 square meters with offices, laboratories, factories and warehouse. 


All phases leading to the creation of machinery and accessories, from design to production, from assembly to calibration and adjustment of electronic elements are carried out internally.

The great production flexibility and the internal warehouse allow us to process orders for immediate delivery. 

Our mechanical production includes several standard models of penetrometers

for dynamic (DP), static (CPT/CPTu) and static-dynamic geotechnical surveys,

with which both types of tests (DP, CPT and CPTu) can be carried out.

Each penetrometer is designed to guarantee maximum performance, not only in terms of data quality, but also in terms of versatility, efficiency and ease of use. Indeed, thanks to the accessories offered, each machine can be configured to perfectly adapt to the characteristics of the ground and the surveys to be carried out,

so as to guarantee the best performance in any kind of construction site.


The laboratory is one of the cornerstones of our plant, where piezocones, seismic modules, data-loggers

and all the other accessories used to carry out electronic static tests (CPTu / S-CPTu) are assembled and tested.

High-tech devices and sophisticated equipment allow us to perform calibrations and adjustments

with the utmost precision and in a timely manner.

Our goals

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