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Certificato ItalyX

April 2024

ItalyX certification: Pagani Geotechnical Equipment

is among the first fifty companies to obtain this certification

Pagani Geotechnical Equipment has obtained the prestigious ItalyX certification, a recognition of the Italian character and the transparency of the company, but also of the constant commitment to guarantee every day the quality of the products and services offered.

We are proud to receive this certification and remain committed to pursuing excellence and delivering cutting-edge geotechnical solutions for tomorrow’s new challenges.

September 2016

ISO 14001 certification:

environmental sustainability as a strong point

Pagani Geotechnical Equipment also obtains the ISO 14001 certification, confirming the commitment to reduce the environmental impact of business activities and to promote sustainable business practices.


This certification is the result of a collective effort by the entire team of Pagani Geotechnical Equipment, which has taken proactive measures to ensure compliance with the highest environmental standards. Through the implementation of effective environmental management systems, we have reduced resource consumption, minimized waste and waste, promoting energy efficiency.


Pagani Geotechnical Equipment is determined to continue this path, leading the industry towards greater environmental responsibility by demonstrating that it is possible to combine business excellence with the preservation of the planet.

July 2016

ISO 9001 certification: certification of excellence

Pagani Geotechnical Equipment has obtained the prestigious ISO 19001 certification, attesting to the constant and growing commitment of the company to the search for quality, reliability and innovation in the products and services offered.


This certification testifies to the constant commitment of Pagani Geotechnical Equipment to meet the highest international standards in quality management. By embracing customer needs, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and continuously improving business performance through a data-driven, process analysis approach.


Pagani Geotechnical Equipment is committed to continuing to push the limits of innovation and excellence in the geotechnical sector, offering cutting-edge solutions that exceed expectations and contribute to the success of projects.

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