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Pagani penetrometers are designed to perform different tests and penetrometric surveys during the ground investigations investigation with a single equipment.

The study

The geotechnical study of soils for foundation problems, sides stability, supporting work etc. has got, today, many applications.

Projecting in order to optimize, under the technical and economical profile, the measurement of buildings and in order to comply with standards and regulations, requires the physical-mechanical knowledgement of the concerned soils.

Between the different soil investigation methods, the penetrometric probings allow the obtainment of important information in short times and low costs. The most widespread penetrometric tests are:


​- Static penetrometric tests (CPT / CPTu)

- Continuous dynamic penetrometric tests (DP)


The choose between the a.m. tests is made in relation with the nature and characteristics of the soil layers to pass and on the base of the work to project.

The result is that each time a site investigation has to be planned, the first problem is the choose of the most suitable equipment, with the risk of not reaching the desired depth or to obtain results the which utilize can be difficult.

Ignoring the SPT test, requiring a specific sounding equipment, the idea of carrying out a DP (dynamic) or a CPT (static) test by the utilize of one only equipment suitable for both the continuos geotechnical test allows to solve the problem coming from the type of soil to pass and favorising, by the solutions proposed by Pagani, integration, versatility, modularity and comfort while transporting.


By the adopted solutions one only operator can carry out penetrometric tests in the most difficult conditions and sure to obtain the wanted results in short time and at cheep prices. Pagani penetrometers are mounted on a self-propelled hydraulic traction carriage to allow wider mobility even on uneven terrain. The driving unit is reclined during transport and local movements, allowing the passage of the equipment even through accesses of modest height.
The penetrometers can also operate on very steep slopes as the usual leveling, obtained by means of three hydraulic stabilizers, can be increased by the possibility of tilting the driving unit making it perfectly vertical regardless of the horizontal position of the vehicle on which it is mounted.

Furthermore, Pagani penetrometers adopt an innovative semi-automatic anchoring system which facilitates stabilization

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