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My In-situ Test

Replace the field sheet with the “My In-Situ Test” app, which will allow you to transmit your tests from the field to the office without the need for transcripts.

Keep all your in-situ test records on your device (smartphone or tablet) and, thanks to the geo-tracking, you can easily find them on the map of the App automatically recorded with GPS coordinates. If you have an even more accurate GPS tracker, you will be able to insert manually the coordinate of the test as well.

How many times have you found it difficult to write down your results due to bad weather on the job site and then struggled to read it afterwards?

Since 1978 Pagani Geotechnical have made geotechnical equipment for in-situ testing and we know how important it is to simplify even the smallest operations during the tests.

Forget damp and dirty notebooks; from today you can Use the new Pagani “My In-Situ Test” App for your CPT and DP tests, as well for your trench pit.

In order to further simplify the test recording, you’ll find the data of our equipment and the test normatives pre-filled. You can also directly attach the pictures and interesting details of your tests. Your pictures will then be saved in an album, so you’ll find them easily in your device.

When the test finished you can send it from your device as an email. Simply go in your site folder, choose your test, and you can send it just clicking the “send” button. Your tests will be sent in a standard CSV file, so you can import them into any interpretative software, drastically cutting your admin time and reducing the possibility of error of data transcription and getting your data quickly back to the office and off to your client.

The app has a built-in calendar which will allow you to check your finished tests, and to set you future ones.
Immediately you’ll feel the know-how we built into it and how deep we have developed it, making it a valuable high quality tool for your in-situ tests, just like the rest of our equipment!

Enjoy it!

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