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PAGANI GEOTECHNICAL EQUIPMENT SRL has the strategic objective of offering excellent products and services, operating in line with quality criteria and respect for the environment.


The company policy aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • guarantee its staff a safe, healthy working environment, providing them with adequate training, continuous refresher courses and ensuring the infrastructures are always compliant;

  • work by focusing its attention on satisfying Client requests so that the products and services increasingly meet with their expectations;

  • save and protect the Environment by preventing pollution reducing the impact of its own activity and the materials used, optimising the control of emissions into the air, water and ground, by recycling (where possible) and adequately disposing of waste produced, making the best possible use of equipment, vehicles, processes and energy and adopting the most suitable environmental control systems;

  • ascertaining a relationship with the surrounding territory by guaranteeing all those involved (clients, suppliers, authorities and residents) an active, collaborative relationship.


In order to achieve these significant objectives, Management strives to ensure the company and all its investors act to:

  • spread the philosophy of “quality and environmental respect” at company level and beyond;

  • use the best technology available to optimize human resources, business performance, reduce environmental impacts and operate with a focus on environmental sustainability;

  • involve and raise awareness among stakeholders (e.g. suppliers) on environmental issues (sustainability and reduction of environmental impacts).


Management is committed to spreading its Policy to those involved and to teach, train its own staff and partners as well as make them aware and responsible for ensuring company processes are managed adequately in order to improve results in terms of process and product quality and environmental protection.


  • pursuing the specific objectives issued by Management, aimed at continuous improvement and environmental performance in order to achieve full client satisfaction and that of those involved;

  • operate in line with legislation and current regulations governing environmental management, pre-empting, where possible, current legislation and imposing increasingly higher objectives to achieve continuous performance improvement;

  • make the process of information, teaching and training easier in order to ensure an efficient, effective application of the quality and environmental management system;

  • adopt objectives, action programmes, control tools and Quality and Environmental system checks, capable of also including third parties;

  • guarantee specialist support for better management of aspects linked to the Environment.


For environmental sustainability projects are in place:


In order to achieve these objectives, PAGANI GEOTECHNICAL EQUIPMENT SRL has developed an Integrated Quality-Environment System compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standards.

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