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Pagani Locker

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An automated locker that allows you to pick up in self-service mode Pagani Geotechnical Equipment devices and accessories directly at the company,

on the most convenient day and time

A service modelled on the customer's schedule

The idea of the locker came to us last year, during the forced closure due to the pandemic", explains Edoardo Pagani, son of the founder and young owner of the company that for over 40 years has been producing and marketing on-site geotechnical survey machines and accessories all over the world. "Once we had overcome the most difficult times, we understood that, in order to continue growing, we also had to question our established practices and find innovative answers to make our service even more flexible and personalized".

After introducing the Pagani Configurator App, the new Pagani Self 24 was born.

"Thanks to the new Pagani Self 24 locker, our after-sales service also became more flexible", continues Pagani, "as each customer is able to decide whether to have the material delivered, or pick it up directly at our headquarters. We already had customers who planned the pick-up with their own couriers, so the fact of releasing this operation from our opening hours is undoubtedly a positive factor". The locker can be used to pick up new equipment and accessories, and also used and repaired material. The locker can also be used as a storage for tools to undergo maintenance.

How Pagani Self 24h works

The system is simple, efficient and secure, and can be easily used even by those who are not familiar with digital tools.

To collect the material, simply enter the unique code received by email or sms from Pagani Geotechnical Equipment's sales office, once the order is confirmed. You can even pay with credit or debit card at pick-up, since the device can manage also cash on delivery. Pagani concludes: "To define the characteristics of Pagani Self 24, we have been inspired by the solutions adopted by other innovative companies that operate in sectors other than ours, and which have been offering automated lockers to their customers, to collect the material purchased through the digital channel. We have developed our system taking into account the peculiarities of the sector in which we operate and the needs of our customers, and we are confident that it can be the answer they were waiting for".

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