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The future of the CPTu test is here

From 13.440,00 €


New all-in-one digital acquisition system for CPTu and S-CPTu penetrometric tests

TGAS-12 is a data-logger capable of acquiring CPTu, S-CPTu,

Vane Test and dissipation tests data, without the need for computers and bulky wiring.

The capacitive touch-screen monitor makes its use even more smooth and intuitive,

while the new simplified program guides the operator every step of the way, to reduce errors and

test execution times. This new system automatically detects information regarding the connected

piezocone, the installed sensors and the seismic module connection.

During the test, five tabs divide the different test types: dissipation, temperature, seismic, and two different CPTu test display modes: graph and live.

As with previous versions, once the tests are finished, you can download all data on a USB stick, for subsequent processing with the interpretive software (not included).

42% less weight
52% less volume
Same 12" screen

Compared to the previous model TGAS-08

New design

modern, practical and professional 

Two different display modes are available during testing:

a screen with the classic chart, as in previous versions, 

a second live screen where the sensor values are shown through a new design.

The dissipation, temperature and seismic tests have been divided into several tabs which can be accessed without having to exit the test.

Finally, during the seismic test, you can view the results of the blows previously struck; these improvements allow greater smoothness while using the program.

New operating system

simplified, fast and more intuitive


The IP65certification

makes the new data-logger resistant to water and dust.

Maximum performance
in any condition

Even in direct sunlight

the screen is perfectly legible.

Resistant to even the most extreme temperatures -20 °C ÷ +70 °C.

Comfort and professionalism
in any condition

New generation of push-pull connectors, guaranteeing

more efficient performance, quicker operations and less maintenance.

Practicality and professionalism in every detail

Attention to small


USB port

ICONE ACQUISIZIONE_Tavola disegno 1 copia.jpg

Depth cable input

ICONE ACQUISIZIONE_Tavola disegno 1 copia 4.jpg

Probe cable input

ICONE ACQUISIZIONE_Tavola disegno 1 copia 2.jpg

Trigger cable input

ICONE ACQUISIZIONE_Tavola disegno 1 copia 3.jpg

Power cable input

ICONE ACQUISIZIONE_Tavola disegno 1 copia 5.jpg

ON/OFF button

ICONE ACQUISIZIONE_Tavola disegno 1 copia 6.jpg

MicroSD card housing 

Informazioni tecniche

Technical specifications

Power supply: 9V DC d 18V DC

Typical (maximum) current draw: 1 A (1,5 A)

Operatin temperature: -20 ÷ +70 °C

IP65 certified

Certified electro-magnetic immunity

Usable with piezocone versions MKS and later

Weight: 4,5 kg

Not compatible with CPTU-ACQ software


External connections:

Power supply: 12V DC

Depth encoder connector: Line-driver depth encoder

Trigger connector: Shock sensor
Data/Piezocone connector: serial RS485

USB-A port

MicroSD port







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