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New seismic piezocone fitted with a set of geophones, to detect P and S seismic waves which add to the investigative performance of the piezocone, the possibility to carry out a seismic classification of the terrain.

In a single test, it will be possible to achieve Qc, Fs, u2 values and data on the propagation speed of the waves in the terrain (Vs – Vp).

From 12.600,00 €


Triaxial sensor


Triaxial sensor


Pagani Piezocone

50 mm

Double set of geophones positioned at 50 cm one from the other which not only allows for more seismic data to be collected in a simpler fashion but also the time difference in the arrival of a seismic wave between one set and the other (true interval).

The three geophones for collecting the data on the seismic waves are positioned orthogonally between them, inside the piezocone unit, one for gathering data on the P waves and two for gathering data on the S waves, allowing for the data to be received from any angle.

System for generating
seismic waves

The waves are generated on the surface using a new stop system separate from the penetrometer. Using this kind of test, it is possible to obtain the data of the S waves and P waves more easily and faster.

A trigger fitted on a club will allow the acquisition process to be launched

at the precise moment it generates the wave, impacting on the disk or joist.


The P-Double Seismic Cone functions with the

TGAS-12 data-logger, the latest acquisition product by

Pagani Geotechnical Equipment which, as well as

the CPTu and S-CPTu tests allow you to also carry out

dissipation and temperature tests.

The new program guides the operator at each stage and

five tabs simplify the passage between test types, while the capacitive touch-screen monitor makes its use

even more fluid and intuitive.

Configurations suited
to any situation


Technical sheet


Length: 989 mm

Weight: 10.63 kg

Diameter: 49 mm

Cone opening angle: 60°

Area of Cone base: 10 cm2

Distance between 2 seismic sensors: 500 mm

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